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Crafted with the same precision as the instruments you hear.

Make the room disappear and let the music speak for itself with the ORION system designed by world-renowned audio engineer Siegfried Linkwitz and fabricated by Wood Artistry, LLC.

We are the premiere fabricators of the Orion-4 and Pluto-2.1 speaker systems. Wood Artistry offers a wide choice of woods, colors and finishes to meet our customer’s design criteria. The side panels and baffle panels are made from SOLID hardwood.

The Orion speaker systems exceed the performance of significantly more expensive speakers due to the selection of drivers, the open baffle design, and the Linkwitz Analog Signal Processor (ASP) which provides an active crossover function as well as signal timing compensation for driver alignment.

ORION:  The Orion-4 speaker has seamless integration over the whole frequency range, with impactful dynamics, a speaker that sets up a wide, tall and deep sound stage, yet with pin point localization of instruments and voices, with speed and warmth. The speakers disappear and what remains is the panorama of sound and the experience of music. Combined with its relatively small size and its looks it represents the ultimate speaker to many Orion owners because it provides such a satisfying musical illusion and experience.

PLUTO:  PLUTO-2.1 is a 2-way loudspeaker with active crossover and two channels of built-in amplification per speaker. The audio output from a computer, an iPod or a preamplifier can be plugged directly into its RCA inputs. PLUTO-2.1 can also be directly connected to the speaker terminals of a receiver using the binding post inputs.

Orion 4Pluto 2.1

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John Atkinson, Editor of Stereophile Magazine, says this about the new Orion-4 speaker system:

"Definitely one of my two best sounds at Axpona -- "The ‘William Tell’ section from Shostakovich's Symphony 15 had superb dynamic range, with a ‘quiet’ quality that seemed like there was a lower level of spurious behavior from the room. This allowed a wealth of detail to be perceived even when the music was itself quiet."


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